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Finally, all of our best selling facial products in one beautiful set! Here to nourish, moisturise and GLOW!

Full set includes –

Amber jar Terran (500ML)

Organic face oil (100ml )

1 x 100g terran soap bar

Bamboo spoon and palm leaf bowl

Mini set includes –

Terran 50g tester pouch

Organic face oil (20ml)

1x 50g terran soap bar

Bamboo spoon + palm leaf bowl

Step one –

Firstly, wash your face using our super gentle ‘Terran soap bar’. Our soap is known to be naturally exfoliating, super foamy and high in vitamins E, D & A! Meaning, it will help to remove dead skin cells and ease various skin issues. Lather the soap bar up in your hands by adding water, then massage into the face to ensure its fresh + clean! Then rinse with warm water.

Step two –

Time to cleanse! Add a small amount of ‘Terran face + body clay’ to your palm leaf bowl provided (or for quick use, just use your hand), add a splash of water, mix and apply to your face like you would a face mask. Terran is known to brighten, nourish & calm the skin, leaving a natural and fresh glow! At this point, its best to brush your teeth whilst you let Terran do its magic, or alternatively, lay back and relax for a few minutes! Then rinse with warm water.

Step three –

Its time to GLOW! Whilst your skin is still damp, add a few drops of ‘Botanical face oil’ to the palms of your hands. Starting from your neck, gently massage the oil into your skin, moving all the way up to your forehead. Pause for a moment to inhale the aromatherapy by breathing deeply into the palms of your hands. To aid the absorption, now gently pat the oil into your skin using your finger tips. This will help to create a long lasting, radiant glow! We advise doing these steps both AM + PM to ensure your skin is beautifully nourihsed both day + night

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Full Set, Mini Set


Alaska (Spearmint + Eucalyptus), Dead Sea (Lemongrass + Eucalyptus), Dip in the Wild (Sweet orange, Tangerine + Fir Needle), Hey Rosie (Rose), Hush Wild One (Lavender), Moon Dust (Ylang Ylang + Lavender), Terran, Wake in the Forrest (Tea tree, Lemon + Peppermint)

41 reviews for Its time to GLOW set

  1. Laurie Herd (verified owner)

    I purchased the ‘time to glow’ set as a last attempt to help my dull, acne prone skin after trying almost everything else on the market. I’ve been following the 4 steps for just over a week now and I can’t believe the difference. My skin looks brighter and more even and my acne has reduced significantly and become much less itchy. And I can’t even explain how my skin feels after a Terran mask! Everything smells incredible and my skin feels softer after every use.

  2. Kasi (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this facial oil! The smell is soo beautiful and feels lovely on the skin. I use it everyday day n works well under make up!

  3. Catherine (verified owner)

    Love this set. I already used the Terran soap bar and Terran clay as part of my daily cleansing routine. But wow the facial oils are amazing and so lovely to use the gua sha stone. Thank you ladies keep making these lovely amazing products 😘

  4. recrimp (verified owner)

    I am in my 40s but, due to the fact I have PCOS, I have never grown out of getting teenage acne. Before I discovered Wild & Wood, my main option to get a break from my painful cystic spots was to go on strong antibiotics from the doctor, and this can never be a long term fix.

    I feel as though the Wild & Wood skincare set has set me free from constantly feeling rubbish and disheartened from having sore inflamed skin. When I do get the occasional hormonal spot now, it is quickly calmed now by using ‘It’s time to glow’ – it really does feel as though these are miracle products. My skin feels smooth and soothed and my mood is also massively improved by the fact I am claiming more self-care time.

    Thank you to the Wild & Wood team – you are self-care superheroes 🖤

  5. Kimmy (verified owner)

    This set is by far the best skin care set I have ever experienced and I have experienced so much!
    It looks, feels, smells incredible. All natural and soul soothing. My Skin has never been better!! I suffer with pcos so get facial hair, ugh, I suffer with ingrown hairs but since I have been using this set I have found I have been getting less that I normally would! My skin is glowing and so soft! My pores are getting smaller and finding I’m having less breakouts. Dip in the wild is by far my favourite sent. It may sound silly but this has done wonders for my mental health!!! Whilst I follow the steps I soak in the luscious smells and really just chill out. It’s become my time to speak some affirmations whilst investing in myself. Wild and wood has taught me that self care isn’t selfish, it’s so very important. I am so very thankful for these beautiful souls at Wild and Wood.

  6. Izzy (verified owner)

    I’ve used Elemis for few years but decided to go down more natural route. Discovered the Wild & Wood girls on Instagram & can honestly say their products are amazing & also the packaging is beautiful & so much attention to detail…
    My skin is glowing & softer, the best skincare ever in my humble opinion. Also find that my mood is boosted as a woman of a certain age (menopausal) I’m very hormonal & the products help calm me!
    Thank you so much girls, you really are miracle workers & beautiful souls 🖤

  7. Kirsty (verified owner)

    I purchased the mini set of this in the scent dip in the wild, as usual the packaging was out of this world! I was abit dubious trying oil for my skin as I suffer from acne, & oily skin BUT this has blown me away!!! The 4 step routine has became my holy grail. The soap bar is so gentle and it get so suddy its beautiful, followed my the oil is a match made in heaven. My acne scaring has noticeably faided already and I’ve never found a product that would do this. The scent is my FAVOURITE 😍 I’ve just ordered the wax melts & room spray in this scent also. Will definitely be purchasing the larger face oil when this runs out!!!… thankyou for creating these amazing products 💖

  8. Charlotte Holmes (verified owner)

    My first order and I love my new skincare routine! My skin feels so soft! I was skeptical about using oil on my face because I have adult acne, but wow! It doesn’t get as oily throughout the day, it’s magical! I have been using this routine for 5 days now and I am slowly seeing improvement. I love using the Gua Sha as part of my nighttime routine, it’s very relaxing! I am slightly obsessed with Wild&Wood now!

  9. Sian (verified owner)

    I purchased this set as a gift for my mam and decided to treat myself. I’ve used it for the first time tonight and I can honestly say nothing has made my face feel so amazing. A little really does go so far and everything smell so good, I can’t wait to see my skin over the next few weeks.

  10. Polly Williams (verified owner)

    Following W&W since the beginning, super eager to try the products and I don’t think I’d read a negative review so gave the glow tester set a go.

    The oil smells lovely! Unfortunately these products made my skin worse, which is such a shame and unexpected. I’ve since done allergy tests in order to work out why my skin gets bumpy, red and eczema and it’s a wheat intolerance, so nothing these products could fix unfortunately!

  11. Natalie (verified owner)

    Thank you!!!!
    I Have had acne around my chin and jaw for a few years now and tried so many brands of skin care that have made the problem worse.
    I ordered this taster set in the sale and its changed my skin. My acne has almost cleared completely. My skin is so much brighter and pores reduced.
    I am so so happy with the results. I can’t wait to order more products!! Your brand is amazing!

  12. Arlene (verified owner)

    Started using these products a few weeks ago and although I have pretty good skin anyway I wanted to start a skin regime because I didn’t have one. I was worried as I do have quite oily skin but the oil just soaks in to my face and makes it glow! Now my face feels soft and nourished. On top of that I actually look forward to doing my skincare routine in the morning and evening, it’s the first time ive actually made time for some selfcare since having my son. Lovely products ladies!

  13. Amanda (verified owner)

    This is my second oil and this time I have the Witches Brew.

    Do not worry that using an oil will leave you looking oily as this couldn’t be further from the truth. It sinks in and leaves a glow rather than a slick! Honestly, I’m this oil is amazing and I cannot say enough about it to express how positively I feel about it.

    The scent I love but it also eases my eye strain headaches from all day on a laptop. It’s a win win all round for me and I will never run out although the bottle is so huge and you don’t need much it will last an age. (Add incredible value for money onto my list of positives)!

    My menopausal skin thanks you. It had lost its way but I’m back on track now. Please, if you’re on the fence just try it and you won’t regret it I promise as it is truly the best thing you’ll ever do for your skin x

  14. Leigh Webber (verified owner)

    Love this set! My face feels amazing, it’s helped with my breakouts and my complexion. I feel like I don’t have to hide under my foundation anymore, however, when I do wear foundation it sits so nice after using the facial oil. Dip in the wild smells amazing!!! Highly recommend ❤️✨

  15. Selina Mills (verified owner)

    I’ve had this set a few weeks now and it’s amazing! I’ve used the Terran before and was lost when it ran out it’s so gentle on your skin but lovely to use and mixing in the bowl makes it feel special. I was worried about using face oil as I have suffered with acne for years but wanted to try as from the posts I’ve seen both of you have glowing clear skin and I was not disappointed,i now use in place of my serum. I’m yet to try the soap but will review after. Thanks ladies your products, customer service and lovely packaging are a real treat X

  16. Selina (verified owner)

    I’ve had the glow set a few weeks now and was worried about using a face oil as I have suffered from acne for a long time and I wasn’t disappointed it’s amazing! After seeing the posts of the two of you with glowing clear skin I was keen to try. I have used the Terran clay before and was lost when it ran out. I have just used your Terran soap and again was not disappointed it’s light and creamy it felt luxurious so I used it twice to wash my face. Thanks ladies lovely products, thoughtful packaging and great customer service X

  17. Vicky (verified owner)

    I got the full set Time to glow not long ago as my first ever order from wild & wood and omg the difference in my skin if I kept up with it alot more regularly most my redness would be gone by now for sure but I do suffer really bad down days but since having the bubble cream recently and baths are my go to to help relax and ease my anxiety, Its helped me keep up with a skincare routine alot more and it’s really helping my mood so much lately.
    Thank you so much ladies. I highly recommend the time to glow set to anyone sitting wondering in the background get it in your basket ASAP 😂 xx

  18. Kay Goddard (verified owner)

    This set is absolutely stunning. It arrived this morning and I had to have a mid-afternoon soak before this evening & I feel so revived. I used the Terran soap first and it is so smooth and soft and then the Terran clay I used as a mask before washing it off gently with warm water and you can see why it also doubles up as a cleanser! The face oil, I got this in Dip in the Wild and the smell does not disappoint. Definitely going to be purchasing the larger set once this has run out! thank you xxx

  19. Michelle Holland (verified owner)

    I have been using the time to glow set for a month and I can honestly say my skin has not looked better than it does now.
    I had a baby 2 weeks ago and the nighttime feeds and tiredness would usually leave my skin looking grey, tired and dehydrated. But thanks to this 3 step routine my skin is glowing! Everyone I have seen had commented on how great I look!
    I have even used the soap on my newborn and it’s so gentle on her skin.
    Thank you!

  20. Emily (verified owner)

    I cannot recommend this product enough. If you’re new to wild and wood this is the perfect starter to your skincare journey 🤍 Me, my daughter and partner all follow the time to glow skincare routine daily and only get the off hormonal spot breakout which is quickly settled by adding in a Terran clay mask

  21. Lauren Taylor (verified owner)

    I have always struggled with my skin, never had that clear glowy skin, even in my 30s I’ve suffered with spots and I’ve tried every expensive brand with little success and if anything just gave me sensitive bad skin. After massive success the heal box for my daughter I thought I’d try this for my face and WOW after the use I knew I was going to love it. After the first few days my redness was reduced, my spots were going and my skin just felt so nourished. After a month I stopped wearing foundation, that’s how good my skin felt! Last month I ran out of oil before my next delivery came so I used my old face cream and my skin went full, and the spots came back. Thank goodness it arrived and within a few days skin was back to good. I will always make sure I’ve got another bottle. Absolute game changer this brand!

  22. blmccleary3 (verified owner)

    100% I would recommend this to anyone wanting to dip their toe into the W&W world. The soap is amazing for sensitive skin, as is the face clay and the rose face oil smells lush! This has done wonders for my sensitive skin and has drastically helped my hormonal cystic acne! It really leaves your skin feeling amazing after the full routine and going to bed with the amazing smells around you just makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable. I will never go back to my old skincare habits.

  23. Sam Hall (verified owner)

    Omg, I don’t know what this shit is that I’ve put on my face but it’s fucking amazing!!! Wtf!! I’ve used it once….once and my face is soooo soft and smooth and all the red blotches I had have gone!! I dunno what witch craft you guys are up to over there but bravo and thank you 👏🏻 👏🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  24. Katie (verified owner)

    I received my time to glow set today in the post, wake in the forest, it came at just the right time as I’ve had a rough week with my little boy being poorly and so I was really excited to open it, the packaging is so thoughtful and beautiful! I’ve just used all the products and it’s honestly the best I’ve ever used, the oil is to die for, I felt like I was in a fancy spa 😍 it was a little piece of heaven after this week and I’m even excited to use it all again in the morning 😍😂 it’s going to be a little bit of me time from now on! Thank you soooo much, a very happy customer, can’t wait to try your other products x

  25. Katie (verified owner)

    The wake in the forest time to glow set is literally the best, the oil is to die for, the smell is so uplifting and really helps not only your skin but your mental health, I felt like I was in a posh spa! I ordered the Terran soap too for my partner as he suffers with dry itchy skin and it’s sorted it out straight away! Amazing products x

  26. Gem (verified owner)

    Hi ladies, I’d just like to say thank you so much for my products I purchased the time to glow set and it’s honestly amazing!! I’ve had pigmentation patches apear on my face which I hated I’ve been using wild & wood for 6 days and they’ve literally disappeared!! I love my little skin care routine now thank you so much 🖤🫶🏼✨

  27. Laura

    This is the perfect set. I have a newborn and suffer with dry skin with hormonal acne. The three simple steps are perfect for a quick and easy skincare routine which is needed as a new mum. I’ve been using this set 2 weeks and my skin is in the best condition it’s ever been in!

  28. Charlotte

    Amazing!!!! I have got the Dead Sea face oil and wow! The soap bar is also next level – will never use anything else now!

  29. Kathryn Holmes (verified owner)

    I bought the mini time to glow set a while ago and it arrived on Saturday. I read LOADS of these notes and reviews before purchasing, but it was hard to believe the products could be THAT good. Well, here I am 2 days later ordering the full set. I can’t get over the difference these products have made over the short space of a weekend. Firstly my skin already feels and looks incredible, but honestly the difference to my mood has been the most surprising! It feels so good to spend time twice a day prioritising me – I’ve gone from someone who can rarely be bothered to wash my face at night to looking forward to doing my skin care because it leaves me feeling so good afterwards! I’ve battled with my brain for over a decade and have not found anything else that gives me such an obvious before/after impact on my mood. You two are literal angels in disguise – thank you thank you thank you!

  30. Lauren (verified owner)

    I bought the full size time to glow set wake in the forest.In less than a week my skin has gone from been dry , irritated with red spots to smooth , fresh , healthy glowing skin.It has left my skin feeling amazing and looking forward to using the glow set every morning and evening.It has made me feel relaxed and given me the best skincare routine.Lovely products and completely changed my skin 👏

  31. emma greenslade

    What are you waiting for? Don’t walk RUN! BUY IT. This is your sign you won’t regret it 🥰

  32. Mollie (verified owner)

    I love this set.
    I’ve been using it since the beginning of this year and wouldn’t go back to using drug store products. My skin has never been so clear. The products are so gentle on your skin and I have had so many compliments telling me I’m ‘glowing’ recently and asking what I use on my face. I even got my mum into it ☺️ the face oil is so soothing, light and non greasy. Perfect as a makeup base or just by itself. I hardly even wear makeup anymore! I like how you can mix up the scents of the oils every time too 🤩

  33. Stacie Allington (verified owner)

    I’m always skeptical when such bold claims are made about what a product can do; but these ladies were right to be bold and confident, this stuff is AMAZING!!

    The products themselves are extremely gentle, even in scent which I find overwhelming in most products. They don’t make your eyes sting or your face tingle unnaturally.

    I only received it three days ago and difference already is incredible. The difference after one use was visible – even my boyfriend noticed (that’s massive as they usually don’t notice anything!). However, after 3 days use my intolerance related rashes have started clearing up on my face and my overall appearance is bright and dewy – I love it !! Can’t wait to see what my skin looks like in a months time.

    Thank you ♥️

  34. Jenny (verified owner)

    I ordered a mini it’s time to glow set and OMG I’m so glad I did.! Not only does everything smell and feel incredible on the skin but my skins so much softer even after the first use! After having two children I have had hormonal flare ups of spots and nothing has helped. After using this set for not that long really it has already eased! This is my new skincare regime and I love it, definitely addicted to this now! Thank you 😍🤎

  35. KATHARINE HANSON (verified owner)

    When I say I’ve tried every possible skincare I mean it. If it claims to help acne, rosacea, uneven skin tone and redness I have bought and tried it. It would either make my skin worse or not improve my skin in the slightest. I started perimenopause last year and my normally fine skin just erupted painful, itchy acne NOTHING worked. One week it would be dry, then oily, then sensitive. Things i have used for a while all of sudden burned my skin. I do take supplements to help balance my hormones but it wasn’t enough. It just kept getting worse. I’ve been aware of Wild and Wood for a while and when I saw reviews of their time to glow set I thought I’d give it a go. I have tried other natural skincare and it’s worked for a couple of weeks then just made everything worse. This is why I waited six weeks to do this review. Six weeks of consistent use twice a day with this set and my skin has improved so much. No additional breakouts, no itching. It’s incredible, it’s so luxurious as a routine even though it only takes five minutes twice a day. I am not even halfway down my oil, the soap is still going strong and I have about a quarter of my terran face clay left (this is the full sized set) I also have been using the midnight mask every night and have barely made a dent in that. I am a convert and will be buying the set again so I don’t run out. This is my new go to skincare. Its absolutely amazing. I wish I could add a picture on to this review for people to see the difference but it’s absolutely incredible

  36. Sally Campbell (verified owner)

    I’m recently diagnosed peri-menopausal at 43 and my skin has suffered with dry patches that my usual skin care (that I’ve used for years) no longer seemed to help. I bought the Moon Dust time to glow set and I’ve only been using it for a week and my skin has been transformed. Even my husband has commented that I look more refreshed and younger!!! I don’t need to use 4 or 5 products to hydrate my skin it gets everything it needs from the 3 step time to glow process with the added bonus of no nasties and the smell is amazing. Thankyou for giving me a bit of a boost when I’ve reached another life milestone that knocks your confidence as a woman ❤

  37. Lydia Sheffield (verified owner)

    Just wow! The Terran Time to Glow set is just incredible! It’s settled my Perioral Dermatitis in under a week. I have REALLY sensitive skin but this set has left my skin looking and feeling amazing. The best products I have ever used. I won’t use anything else on my face now. Thank you so much W&W X

  38. hannah.allsop0410

    Terran though 🤍
    I’ve had bad acne over the years and jumped straight to this set. I struggling with finding time to ‘self care’ but when I do this is the one.
    I normally clean with the glow pod, use Terran as a mask (when I have time) or as an exfoliant if I’m in a bit of a rush. Then you finish it off with the best bit, the oil.
    It’s super duper and wouldn’t be without this little set.

  39. nikki.gamble06 (verified owner)

    I’ve always been a bit of a product snob due to issues with sensitive skin & I’ve only ever used spa brands. That was until July when I was gifted this set for my birthday after months of saying to my friend ‘no it won’t work on my skin’ when she raved about it. But how incredibly wrong was I! I haven’t looked back, the soap bar is gentle and soothing. The terran clay was different to anything I’ve ever used myself but it soon became a firm favourite in my routine. The oil is amazing, a little really goes a long way and the addition of crystals and petals makes it look and feel even more luxurious. The little bowl and spoon are practical additions to have but look amazing too!

  40. Suzanne Peacham (verified owner)

    After suffering with Covid for the 2nd time and feeling pretty awful, also steadily approaching 50 and being very menopausal I decided to cheer myself up by ordering the time to glow set….well I haven’t looked back, it’s now part of my daily skincare routine and I cannot recommend enough these products. My skin feels and looks amazing, plump and fresh looking, and hardly any breakouts and I’ve had so many compliments even from my patients! I have a selection of the facial oils as love to try different fragrances and love the limited editions that have recently been brought out. I cannot wait for the new shop to open so I can visit in person. Thank you the products you produce are amazing.

  41. phili_moore (verified owner)

    I am absolutely obsessed with this set! Skincare is my thing so I’ve tried lots and lots of products but nothing compares to this! Whilst I use with various other serums I’ve noticed a mark difference in my skin when using these products. The oil is just wonderful and smells incredible and I use the Terran clay to also help my baby when he’s got nappy rash. It’s just a wonderful set and it’s 100% worth the price!

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