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Feel rooted to the earth with our plant powered un-scented face clay collection! Its time to hydrate your skin, with nothing more than natural ingredients from the earth! There’s no complicated ingredients label here. It’s time to go natural. Handcrafted in Yorkshire by our family with skin loving ingredients. Our face clay rage gives you the complete freedom to mix the perfect texture! Simply add your own water/ oat milk, mix and apply!

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Handcrafted Vegan Skincare by Wild & Wood

Welcome to Wild & Wood Skincare, your destination for handcrafted, vegan, organic, and cruelty-free skincare products infused with love and care by our small team in Pontefract, Yorkshire. Our meticulously crafted skincare products are designed to elevate your self-care routine while nourishing your skin and soul. Explore our range of bath products, natural skincare and wellness essentials, each lovingly crafted to enhance your well-being and connection with nature. Dive into a world of holistic self-care and embrace the beauty of our eco-friendly creations. Experience the difference of Wild & Wood Skincare. Shop now to discover the power of nature.