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Here at Wild & Wood, we pride ourselves on our natural and honest vegan skincare. Here's what our customers have to say about our amazing products!

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I love this company, unfortunately this order has been lost in transit somewhere, normally i would just re order but was over £100, have contacted them and told a replacement would be sent out, am currently waiting for this to arrive, but brilliant company

Just the best!

I use the Time to Glow set every evening and recently bought the Midnight Mask. Oh my days! The texture is indulgent, the smell amazing and my face feels so nourished in the morning.

Since using the Midnight Mask my sleep has also improved and I am feeling refreshed in the mornings - a feeling I’ve not had for many a year!

Ladies, your products make skin care routines a joy to do and the benefits show in my face and have been beneficial for my mental wellbeing.

Thank you so much! I will be adding to my collection super soon!!!!!! X

Soap Bars

Love the soap, had it before, a present and it’s great for my skin allergies 💜

Beautifully calming products for our son's eczema

We're in a midst of a long journey with our 2 year old's eczema. It's a trial & error process of prescription creams, natural balms, bath oils, emollients, etc

It's been a struggle to manage his flare-ups, and scratching, but this set is so soothing. The bath products have helped moisterise his skin whilst the lovely scents feel like we're actually cleaning him (rather than just mixing emollients with his bath water)

The soap is gentle and foams nicely, alongside the oat mix.

The post-bath balm hydrates his skin well; it's greasy so helps with his dry, cracked skin, but it rubs in nicely so it doesn't feel messy.

His skin is still super dry and we're having to constantly watch his scratching, but this set has definitely helped and we'll be buying more - So far, so good!

The smell is divine!

This is a repeat purchase - really helped to calm sons eczema.

The smell before you even open the box is amazing 🥰. The house is filled with the scent and I love it. They are also bigger than I expected. I will definitely be trying these in other scents.

I first used the terran soap in the 'It's time to glow' set. It foams up amazing and feels so nice on your skin so of course a full size bar was ordered. Also just ordered the strawberry Lemonade soap bar that smells amazing 🥰.

I first used the terran face & body clay in the 'Its time to glow' mini set and fell in love with it so of course I had to order a jar. I love it can be used daily as a face wash and then used also as a face mask. It feels so nice, I love the smell and my skin feels amazing. Thank you Ladies😊

Another gorgeous product that I LOVE ❤️. It melts beautifully onto your skin and smells amazing

I bought the mini set as it was the perfect way for me to try the products as I haven't used anything other then water on my face for the last 20 years due to severe anxiety then on top of that also have sensitive skin! I used the hush wild one recommended by these lovely Ladies 🩷. I LOVE IT, I now have a morning and evening skincare routine 😊. The products smell and feel amazing on my skin. Thank you Ladies. I have just recently ordered another of the mini sets for my Mam, who loved it after using mine.

Gorgeous 😍

Me and my Daughter both use this face oil and we love it. I use Hush wild one as I have sensitive skin and it's amazing 😍

Wake in the forest soap bar
Tracy S.
Wake in the forest soap 🤍🤍🤍

Lovely soap....amazing scent & foaming 🤍🤍🤍

Vanilla latte exfoliating soap bar
Tracy S.
Vanilla latte soap bar

Ama🤍zing all Your soaps 🤍🤍

Tracy S.
Cuticle oil😍😍

Love this cuticle nice to use after a hard shift....warehouse worker.... using My hands 5 days a week x 7.5 hours ...keeps My hands & cuticles in fab condition....🤍🤍🤍

Soap Bag
Tracy S.
Soap bag

Love these😍 Both Me & Hubby have one,
Using this with Our wild & wood soap ,We have amazing skin etc....thanks Ladies Your amazing in what You do 🤍🤍🤍

Healing body balm

I love how this balm just melts into the skin and has worked at fixing all kinds of skin eruptions over the last few months. The smell, of course, is amazing. Thank you x

Amazing Bubble Bath

Amazing bubble bath that smells amazing and does not flare my sensitive skin, just wish I’d got the bigger size it’s that good

Bamboo Spoon
Julie Y.
Bamboo spoon.

I cheat with this and also use it to scoop my body balm.
It’s really useful x

Deep healing body balm.

Lovely product. I use it all over but especially on my feet. It really helps to keep them soft and helps with my walking.

Natural vegan lip balm

Really lovely product.
Keeps my lips smooth and moisturised.

Overnight Face Mask
Oterlie C.d.r.
Amazing face mask

Since using this I feel like my skin is glowing I look less tired, hardly use any but it goes a long way. I’ll definitely be buying this again!!!

Good.. but

On initial use, this step by step product was good. The oil smelt lovely. However, I was in a rush one evening and forgot to use the oil and my face felt like it was going to crack as it was so dry and flakey. Unfortunately, I had to stop using as it was no good for my skin.


This little set is brilliant- the wrist bands actually do what they say and stop water running down the arms!

Dry lips

Unfortunately this product made my lips more dry and uncomfortable which is not great seeing as it is quite expensive.