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Our beautiful brand new Bump balm! (100G GLASS JAR) We chose a very special ingredient called ‘Monoi de tahiti’. ‘Monoï’ is an ancient Tahitian word meaning ‘scented oil’ and the product is part of long-established cosmetic routine among the Tahitian people.

Containing vitamin-rich Gardenia flowers which have been steeped in exotic coconut oil, this is a truly wonderful and luxurious ingredient to use. The beautiful Tahitian women use Monoï de Tahiti daily to hydrate and protect their skin and to condition their hair. This is a little-known yet amazing product for fighting signs of ageing, rejuvenating and protecting the skin, giving you a natural glow. You will almost never see stretch marks from pregnancy in Tahiti. Monoi is used to deeply moisten the skin allowing it to stretch without scaring. Women in Tahiti have learned from their mothers and grandmothers to use Monoi during a pregnancy!


Ingredients: Cocoa butter, Monoi de tahiti, Kukui nut oil, Baobab oil, Epsom salt, Sodium bicarbonate, Aqua, Glycerin, Shea butter, Oatmeal, Coconut milk powder, Sucrose (sugar), Sodium Cocoate (fatty acid from coconut oil) , Decyl Glucoside Disodium (natural surfactant), Sodium Chloride (salt), Citric Acid (natural extract from fruit


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