Organic Vegan Shower Milk
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Organic Vegan Shower Milk



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Indulge into natural skin care with Wild and Woods famous shower milk blend! Handcrafted with skin loving essential oils, nourishing coconut milk powder, detoxifying salt and moisturising oatmeal, your skin care routine will never be the same again! With the same wonderful healing qualities as our popular bath milks, this shower experience is not to be missed! Simply fill the small bag provided, tie shut, then pop inside the bigger exfoliating bag, rinse under the shower until wet, then drench over your body! Inhale the natural aromas whilst our ingredients get to work at loving your skin! *You can’t pour this directly into the bath, as our shower blend is thicker in order for the goodness to stay inside the bag longer, rather than going down the drain. However, you can fill the bag as instructed and use in the bath!


1000g = up to 24 uses | 500g = up to 12 uses | 100g =up to 2 uses

Quick choice guide:

Acne: Wake in the forest

Uplifting: Dip in the wild, Hey Rosie

Relaxing: Moon dust & Hush wild one

Breathe easy: Dead sea, Alaska & Wake in the forest

Ezema/ Psoriosis ect relief: Hush Wild one

Super sensitive skin: Mama gaia

Each scent in depth:

Each shower milk is made up of the same skin loving ingredients, the only difference is the scent! Which isn’t just a scent, its a skin benefit too! Here at Wild and Wood we don’t use chemical fragrances, we use essential oils! Not only do their natural aromas uplift low moods and calm anxiety, they promote good skin health too!


Original blends:

Hush wild one –  Lavender essential oil – Our children’s favourites, known for its incredible eczema + psoriasis calming qualities. Also known to promote relaxation and deep sleep.

Moon Dust – Lavender + Ylang ylang essential oils – known to ease aches and pains!

Hey Rosie – Rose + Rosewood essential oil: Known to give the skin a youthful glow

Wake in the forest – Tea tree, lemon & peppermint essential oils: Perfect for helping to calm acne and blemishes! Also one of our breathe easy blends, which helps to clear nasal congestion and cal headaches.

Dead Sea – Eucalyptus + lemongrass essential oils : Strong and minty, perfect for calming migraines and cold + flu.

Dip in the wild – Tangerine, sweet orange + fir needle essential oils : Uplifting and sweet, the perfect blend to uplift and energies.

Alaska – Spearmint + Eucalyptus essential oils: Our husbands favourite! Super strong and minty, known to relive congestion and head colds.

Mama gaia – Essential oil free – great for giving the skin a well needed drink! Suitable for babies and early stages of pregnancy.











Shower: Fill either of the muslin bags (down to preference, some prefer soft, others prefer the exfoliating) half full, tie shut, drench under the warm running shower head, then drench over your body in circular motions for 5-10 minutes (Avoiding eyes). After each use, empty and rinse the muslin bags.


Vegan coconut milk powder, Gluten free oatmeal, Dead Sea salt, Epsom salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Tapioca Starch,+ essential oils (see above for each).

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1000g Pouch, 100g Tester, 500g pouch


Alaska, Dead Sea, Dip in the Wild, Hey Rosie, Hush Wild One, Mama Gaia, Moon Dust, Wake in the Forrest


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