Organic Oat Blend
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Organic Oat Blend


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Its time to heal your skin naturally, with our best selling Organic oat blend! This product can treat a variety of skin conditions, like eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, chicken pocks, acne and much more. Our blend is super nourishing and kind to the skin.
  • Gluten free oats
  • Vegan & cruelty free
  • Handmade in Yorkshire, in small batches
  • Natural ingredients
  • Safe from birth
  • Safe in early stages of pregnancy

Product Details:


100g tester – over 10 uses

250g pouch – over 30 uses


Can be used in shower, bath, bowl and sink! Our beautiful blend comes with two different types of bags – both work beautifully, but which one you’d like to use is down to preference. Fill the small soft bag half full, tie shut – you can now use this on its own, or if you prefer an exfoliation, pop the smaller bag into the bigger bag! Soak into the water (whether this be a bowl, the bath, or under the shower head), then drench over the effected area for at least 10 minutes! After you have finished, make sure to discard of any left over oats by turning the bags inside out & rinsing thoroughly. (Use a little soap if it needs a thorough clean). Then pop to dry In a cool dry place. For better results, use the oats every day!


Organic gluten free oats – Ultra fine blended oats – Tapioca starch – Sodium Bicarbonate

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Weight0.25 kg

1 replacement exfoliating bag, 1 replacement Soft Bag, 100g Tester, 250g Pouch

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22 reviews for Organic Oat Blend

  1. Abi

    I am suffering with really bad and itchy rosacea at the moment and my skin in general is feeling very dry. I have used the oat bags in the bath and on my face twice and already I am seeing improvements! My skin is feeling a lot softer and my face is no longer itchy and the redness has gone down a lot just in two uses! I’m very impressed that I’m not having to use my steroid and antibiotic cream as often!

  2. Becky

    My hands suffer terribly in the cold weather, my skin drys out, it cracks and bleeds and makes my hands so sore and painful. My hands feel like sand paper to touch. I used the organic oat bags and just wow! My hands felt better after the first use. I used the oat bag daily for a week and the transformation was amazing. My skin felt 100 times better, it was no longer cracked and painful and felt much softer. It saved me a trip to the Drs for steroid cream. I now use my oat bag as a weekly pick me up for my hands.

  3. Jacque (verified owner)

    Last November I contracted Coronavirus and it came with very irritable skin. I use the oat bags for soothing my skin, face and scalp and the results are incredible. It helps so much and I highly recommend this product. It’s a life changer. Thank you xx

  4. Kally (verified owner)

    Incredible product! I’ve been suffering with acne for a couple of years. With less than a week of using the oat bags (plus Wake in the forest and Terran), there is a visible difference in my skin!
    My skin feels nourished, calm and under control! Before using these products, my skin constantly felt irritated, itchy and sore, with constant break outs. I’ve been searching for the right treatments for so long, and now I have found them.
    Also I’ve been using the oat bags in the bath and I now have baby soft skin!

  5. hornerg180 (verified owner)


    I have been following your page for a few months now and have been constantly tempted to order! And boy, am I glad that I did!

    I grew up with really bad eczema but as I grew up, it basically went away and I thought I was grand. It came back with a vengeance due to standard stresses of adult life and it’s never went away!!
    The pandemic has truly destroyed my hands and face- I get crazy “pin prick blisters” that would weep from wearing a mask all day in work (I’m a teacher, banter! 👌) and same on my hands with this sanitising routine!

    But enough negative because now my skin has actually started clearing up after I bought your oat bags! Even my husband commented on how well the skin on my face looked! (And he does NOT notice a lot, lol).

    The oat bags are so soothing, I just want to constantly go and use one!

    So I’ve decided to treat myself and have bought your Wild and Wood Experience!

    I can’t wait to try it! Thank you so much for doing what you do!

  6. Kelly (verified owner)

    Absolutely loves these oat bags! I’ve always struggled with a dry scalp and the usual treatments have never worked. I tried the oat bags after seeing other people’s pictures of how it helped their skin. I wasn’t disappointed at all! My scalp is finally starting to clear up!

  7. Stacey wheatley (verified owner)

    So nourishing and moisturising, perfect for my little ones dry sensitive skin 🧡

  8. Kirsti (verified owner)

    Thought I would give this a try even though no one in my family suffers from dry or sensitive skin. I popped a bag in the bath with my 4 year old and we were obsessed!! Our skin felt like silk!! Love them and will carry on getting this as its so nice. After he got out the bath he kept saying “Mummy feel my skin its even more soft.” “Mummy feel here, feel here” haha he went on about it for ages, even the next morning. xxx

  9. Rebecca

    I can’t even put into words how much of a lifesaver this product is for my little boys eczema! The only thing that helps control it and it makes him feel like he’s got some something in his bath like I do🥺 I’m for ever grateful for finding what I can only describe as miracle oats!

  10. Becci Coles (verified owner)

    Just ordered my second bag! I was sceptical after having eczema for 26 years and nothing working but these oats have really calmed my skin down!
    Due to so much hand washing during the pandemic my hands have never been so sore and my skin actually used to sting while in the bath or shower, but now I finally found something that works!! Very good price, packaging is lovely and even better that it’s eco friendly!
    Wonderful products, will be buying for friends and family for birthdays!

  11. Rachel (verified owner)

    Tried an oat bag for the first time yesterday and I absolutely loved it 😍! My full body felt soft and smooth. My hands are extra dry with all the extra hand washing but I notice a big difference after one use! Thank you 💖 xx

  12. Amy Hutchings (verified owner)

    I had shocking sun burn on my feet from the beach yesterday and new what would help. Soaking them
    In a bowl of water with the oat bags amazing job 💯 every time.

  13. Amy Leaper (verified owner)

    I have been using the oat bags along with the Terran mask/scrub and in only a week my skin is feel so much smoother and brighter. Since falling pregnant my skin has been breaking out a lot and even prescriptions from the DRs has not calmed my skin – only made it more irritated! Thank you Wildandwood for these brilliant products 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  14. Becca (verified owner)

    I purchased the starter bundle to try it on my 5 yr old son’s eczema that had had a massive flare up due to hayfever and suncream irritation and my GOODNESS it works brilliantly (and quickly – we noticed a dramatic difference after the first bath!!!) My son also loved the sensory element of the oat bag because the oat milk is so silky 😁

  15. Becca G (verified owner)

    I purchased the starter bundle to try it on my 5 yr old son’s eczema that had had a massive flare up due to hayfever and suncream irritation and my GOODNESS it works brilliantly (and quickly – we noticed a dramatic difference after the first bath!!!) My son also loved the sensory element of the oat bag because the oat milk is so silky 😁

  16. Cydnie (verified owner)

    Hiya! Just wanted to leave a review on your organic oats! 😍 They are absolutely amazing! It came as part of the all inclusive gift set, think it was 100g and I’ve just placed an order for the 500g glass jar as I am I love with them! I use them every night either in the bath or shower and I cant believe how soft they make my skin! Plus they smell amazing, better than any body lotion I have used, my boyfriend also has really dry flaky hands and can get really itchy, he’s been using these oats and his hands have cleared up so much! I also use the oat bag on my face, and its calmed my red ance down so much, I also use the exfoliating bag and it gets rid of all of my dead skin! Thank you so much for creating a wonderful product that is perfect for every skin type 🥰😊

  17. Rhian

    W&W oat blend is perfect for my skin, but today I found how amazing it is for my hair too!

    I ran out of conditioner so in a rush I squeezed the oat blend over my hair and scalp, rubbed it in and through the lengths. I left it for one minute and then rinsed.

    To say I will never be going back to conditioner is an understatement! I have needed no other products at all!

  18. Jasmina malpus (verified owner)

    I bought the oats in the jar with bamboo lid its so stylish absolutely love using the oats sometimes I make a face mask so lovely to put on I used them on my scalp yesterday and my hair was amazingly soft definitely be buying these products again im never disappointed ever just amazed how my excema has cleared up

  19. Becky (verified owner)

    Great product used along side Terran. I haven’t had a cystic acne break out since I have used these together. My skin is so clear. Thank you xx

  20. Katie

    Hiya ladies, I just wanted to message and say a little thank you. I popped in to your shop last week and got one of the oat bags to try on my son who’s recently started coming out with eczema all over his arms. A few nights uses and it’s pretty much gone. The bumps are no longer raised, the skin around is almost clear and no signs of him itching at all. Your products are amazing, thankyou xx

  21. Emily (verified owner)

    Absolute godsend! I’ve had very sensitive skin my whole life and nothing has ever worked to help ease the irritation when it has a reaction to something but this is like magic. I recently had an awful reaction when some spray bleach leaked out the bottle and down my arm, it burned and made my skin flare up really badso I rinsed it off and soaked it in a bowl of water mixed with the oats and it instantly soothed the burning and itching and stopped my skin from dryibg out like it usually does. I now use it in all my son’s baths to help with nappy rash, dry skin ect, I use it for any and all reactions I have to other products and have it in my bath at least once a week to hydrate my skin. Literally cannot praise it enough.

  22. Nicola Osullivan (verified owner)

    Not much more I can say other than I now don’t bath without an oat bag!!!! Helps soothe my eczema and leaves my skin beautifully soft.

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