Moss Face & Body Clay

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Benefits –

Here to target oil! W&W face clays base is made up of coconut milk powder, organic oats and kaolin clay which help to hydrate, nourish and calm the skin. Setting MOSS aside from its sister clays, is its Icelandic moss & green French clay, two incredibly pure herbs that aid the skin to dry out and balance moisture.

Fun fact –

Icelandic moss is most famous for growing abundantly on the mineral rich volcanic soil, it the pure, unpolluted air of the ancient lava fields of Iceland.

Directions –

MOSS should be used twice weekly. Best applied after washing with our beautiful soap bars and cleansing with our famous TERRAN. Ensure skin is clean and dry, mix desired amount into water, then apply. Leave to set for 10 minutes, then rinse. 

Ingredients –

Gluten free ultra fine oats, coconut milk powder, tapioca starch, kaolin clay, French green clay, Icelandic moss powder.

Additional information


250g Pouch (refills 500ml jar), 500ml Amber Jar, 50g Tester


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