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Wild & Wood healing magic, in a box!

After years of receiving customer feedback and before & after results, this set includes our most effective products to heal skin! These products help to ease redness, calm irritation and leave the skin feeling comfortable. This set is wonderful for people over the age of 12 weeks. Need healing for babies under 12 weeks? Check out our baby box!

Set includes:

500g Hush wild one bath milk

250g organic oat blend

100g Terran soap bar

100ml Terran deep healing body balm for

Set has 15-20 uses, we recommend 3 baths a week.



Hush wild one bath/shower milk: ORGANIC GLUTEN FREE INSTANT OATS, EPSOM SALT, DEAD SEA SALT, TAPIOCA STARCH, BICARBONATE SODA, VEGAN COCONUT MILK POWDER, Naturally occurring allergens in plant derived oil: LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (LINALOOL, d-limonenem Geraniol, coumarin)


Terran soap bar: Aqua, Glycerin, Shea butter, Oatmeal, Coconut milk powder, Sucrose (sugar), Sodium Cocoate (fatty acid from coconut oil) , Decyl Glucoside Disodium (natural surfactant), Sodium Chloride (salt), Citric Acid (natural extract from fruit)

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15 reviews for Here to heal

  1. Emma Brown

    I was sent this here to heal box as my sons eczema was starting to get out of control he was itching all the time his face was so red and sore he was in agony and after only 5 uses on his face the deep healing balm cleared his face and after 10 days using all these products together all his skin was practically healed These products are amazing would highly recommend this company to anyone these girls are absolute angels 😇 🤍

  2. Kyrena

    I got this box and my little girls skin healed almost over night and she is no longer in pain. We had tried steroid creams, antibiotics and loads of prescription bath stuff. Nothing helped her skin. I’m so thankful that I’ve finally found something that will help my little girl so she can be happy without her skin hurting ☺️❤️

  3. Melissa Mccullough

    Amazing products!! I have used these products before on my sore skin and it worked wonders. My daughter has just started with heat rashes and she has been scratching in her sleep, making a right mess of her body.

    Only 2 baths and 2 applications of the body balm and there is a huge difference already. One happy child = 1 happy mum xxxx

  4. Emma (verified owner)

    Hey. Just thought I’d send these over as my daughter suffered with a really bad allergic reaction to toothpaste and it caused eczema that had been flaring up on and off for a year nothing was helping. We’ve been using your here to heal bath set and it’s like a magic potion🪄🧪 my husband also suffers with eczema and it’s really been helping soothe his skin too. I’m so glad we found you 🤍 thank you 🙏🏻

  5. Emma (verified owner)

    My daughter suffered with a really bad allergic reaction to toothpaste and it caused eczema that had been flaring up on and off for a year nothing was helping. We’ve been using your here to heal bath set and it’s like a magic potion!! 🪄my husband also suffers with eczema and it’s really been helping soothe his skin too. I’m so glad we found you 🤍 thank you x

  6. Donna maude

    My daughter suffers with really bad eczema and we have tried allsorts from the doctors, washing her in epimax cream always gives her a flare up and itches her skin so when we was recommended this set we needed to give it a try and WOW it’s amazing, my daughters skin as cleared up so much, she dosnt flare up in the bath when I use the here to heal soap bar, finally something I can finally wash her with that actually cleans her properly aswell as healing her skin, your products are amazing! We have even ordered more to keep on top and never run out, so thankyou so much! Highly recommend these products xxx

  7. Grace (verified owner)

    Here to Heal set with Hush Wild One bath salts….. Wow.

    I messaged the girls with a little plea for help to soothe my birth injury. I am 14 months post-partrum after suffering a fourth-degree tear. Sadly, at times, I am still symptomatic. When I am symptomatic, i run myself a bath with these products and wow, an absolute game changer…infact, life changer. At my worst, I feel like I can’t leave my house and live my life. This gives me relief so I can just do, live life, and go make memories with my babies.

  8. Sarah B (verified owner)

    Unfortunately this hasn’t worked for us. I was really hoping it would after reading the great reviews. Lovely company and products smell amazing, just didn’t do anything for my little girls eczema (we obviously followed all instructions).

  9. Jess (verified owner)

    Here to heal set is pure magic 🪄

    2 weeks using these products and I’m blown away with how much my psoriasis has improved! By far the best products I’ve ever used!

    I can’t recommend this set enough to anyone with skin problems 🙃 it really has made a massive difference on my mental health also!
    Thank you ladies for giving me my confidence back, your products truly are amazing as are you 🌿🤍

  10. Craig Amor (verified owner)

    What an absolute Gem of a find. Both my boys are suffering with eczema (each has a different one) numerous appointments with Gp’s, nurses and dermatologists, all wanting to throw steroids and chemicals on them both. Yes, they worked for a while but it would return with more vigour than before.
    Your products have calmed my boys skin outstanding (and my nerves) as a Daddy it’s hard to watch them suffer with something I couldn’t fix. But then this loverly lot came along. Answered all my questions before I purchased too! Thanks 🙂 I will ALWAYS have this in good stick in my house now. I can’t recommend this enough.

  11. Teri Andrews (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing, for the first time in a long time iv come out of the bath and not felt itchy allover ! And this Is only after the first use! Absolute witchcraft. Thankyou so much lovelies! X

  12. Abbie

    I’ve had such problems with my skin this year, I had tried so many different products and was just getting so down about my skin, I thought I’d give wild and wood a go and Omg I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner!! I use the Terran soap and the face oil and my skin is incredible! I’ve had such lovely compliments on my skin so thank you so much for allowing me to be confident without make up again! ❤️

  13. hannah.allsop0410

    I don’t know what wizardry you’ve done to create the deep healing balm but it works for almost everything. I love how strong it is and how it melts like butter. The oats have worked for every skin issues was we’ve had as a family and the bath milk too.

  14. Casey spenceley (verified owner)

    Omg I just want to say thank you so much your products are amazing 😍😍 I’ve been struggling with my daughter’s skin for ages and I’ve literally tried everything & nothing has worked. But the here to heal set has worked magic on her skin I can’t believe the results after just using it for 2 days so thank you so much 🥰 definitely be buying again 🫶

  15. Denver Manalo (verified owner)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to express my gratitude for all the hard work you’ve done. The “Here to Heal” bath product is truly magical! Both my daughter and I suffer from eczema, to the extent that it disrupts our sleep. It’s especially difficult for my daughter as bathing becomes painful for her. A friend recommended Wild and Woods to us, and it has been a life-changer. Our skin has cleared up remarkably, especially my daughter’s. Please continue your exceptional work. I’ve already placed another order and eagerly await its arrival. I’m also looking forward to visiting your shop once it’s complete. Thank you and may God bless you all!

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