Flower Pocket

Flower Pocket


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Mindfulness on the go with Wild and Wood – Here to bring a moment of calm, wherever you may be!


Day to day life can be overwhelming and stressful at times, so taking a second to pause, breathe deeply and practice mindfulness can help bring us back to a calm place. We noticed whilst handcrafting our products, we would often pause and inhale deeply on whichever scent we were packaging/ mixing and experience a moment of pure joy and pleasure! This is where ‘Pocket flower’ was born.

How to use:

Open your pocket flower pouch and drop 1-2 drops of of our essential oils onto the botanicals (essential oils sold separate) and tie shut. Take your flower pocket wherever you go, hold close to our nose and inhale deeply to experience a moment of emotional balance.

Pocket flower includes:

1 x cotton bag

1 x handful of dried rose petals & chamomile






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