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Benefits –

Sink into a moment of self care, love and wellness with our signature bath milk blends. Enriched with skin loving coconut, moisturising oats and cleansing minerals to restore your body + mind. We believe deeply that everyone deserves to practise self care, in order to live a healthier and happier life. Our products help to create moments in which we can pause, relax and unwind.

How to use –

Swirl a handful of bath milk into warm running water, whilst you pause for a moment of clarity, to deeply inhale the comforting aromas. Now its time to embrace the moment.. gently place in your bath decorations and submerge into an experience like no other.

Ingredients –

Vegan coconut milk powder – Keeps the skin hydrated & nourished. Packed with nutrients like potassium, folate, and vitamins C, E, and B

Gluten free oatmeal – Ground oatmeal can work as an exfoliant, sloughing away dirt, oil, and dead skin cells. Great for cleansing, moisturising, and reducing inflammation.

Dead Sea salt – Dead Sea Salt contains 10 x more minerals than normal sea salt.  Minerals which can assist in cleansing, detoxifying, and restoring a healthy status quo to the body, especially the skin and muscles.

Epsom salt – Stress drains the body of magnesium and increases levels of adrenaline. When dissolved in warm water, Epsom salt is absorbed through the skin and replenishes the level of magnesium in the body. The magnesium helps to produce serotonin, a mood-elevating chemical within the brain that creates a feeling of calm and relaxation

Sodium Bicarbonate – Baking soda has cleansing and detoxifying properties that may help to purify your body and boost immunity

Tapioca Starch – Smoothes & brightens complexion

Essential oils – See button below for in depth benefits

For in depth knowledge on our essential oils and their benefits, tap the button below.

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Alaska (Spearmint + Eucalyptus), Dead Sea (Lemongrass + Eucalyptus), Dip in the Wild (Sweet orange, Tangerine + Fir Needle), Hey Rosie (Rose), Hush Wild One (Lavender), Moon Dust (Ylang Ylang + Lavender), Wake in the Forrest (Tea tree, Lemon + Peppermint)

Size - g

100g tester, 500g refill pouch, Glass jar

51 reviews for Organic Vegan Bath Milk

  1. Donna (verified owner)

    I tried the smaller weighted packs of Hey Rosie and Hush Wild One, as I wanted to try them with my little girls skin before getting a bigger pack! Even with the smaller bags, I still managed to get three baths out of each pouch!
    WOW – they smell incredible, they make your skin feel amazing! They didn’t leave residues in the bath. Now the hard task of trying to decide on my next scent. ???

  2. Rachel W

    The organic bath milks are amazing. Each one has its own healing properties. We love moon dust as it helps relive the aches and pains my daughter has caused by her cerebral palsy. We also love dip in the wild to help boost our mood on a bad day. Forest kiss and evergreen are also favourites of ours. Each one smells beautiful and always leaves our skin super soft. My daughter had not suffered with any eczema at all since switching to this bath milk.

  3. Katie (verified owner)

    Love love love all of wild and woods bath milks. Coming home with a headache, dry skin, or just want a nice relaxing bath, there is a bath milk for every eventually.
    I have to fight my children to get in the bath if they know there is a bath milk going in!

  4. Heather Fielding

    I love these bath milks, my ultimate favourites are moon dust and Alaska, my husband always comments that my skin is so soft after.

  5. Sarah McCabe

    My order arrived yesterday and I have just made my first bath milk bath. I am truly amazed and how smoothe my skin felt when I got out. I never expected that after the first bath, its wonderful. I am so glad I found this bath milk and cant wait to bath the kids with it to.

  6. Kelly Mason

    OMG if you havnt used these bath milks yet….you NEED to!! I absolutely cannot have a bath without them. The scents are amazing and they make my skin feel incredible and the dry skin I had on my knees and elbows has gone.. I just love a bit of Alaska if I’m feeling bunged up or have a headache…and Hush Wild One is my go to if I can’t sleep.
    Thanks ladies ???

  7. Jodie

    I used this bath milk on my son as he has sensitive skin and its worked wonders to date. His skin feels so soft and has no irritations. I would highly recommend.

  8. Holly Pollard

    One word AMAZING ?
    Perfect for my babies skin and perfect for mine!
    Natural, silky and smells incredible!
    Hush wild one and moon dust my favourites! ?✨

  9. Sophie Miller

    I received some of these gorgeous bath milks for my birthday after the girls at work asked what I wanted…
    And what a great choice it was!!
    I absolutely loved each one, Alaska being my favourite so far?
    My skin after using them felt so smooth and it really soothed those sensitive dry skin areas that I couldn’t find a product for.

  10. Cerys Roberts

    I adore a lovely soak in the bath with these amazing bath milks

  11. Kay Chatfield

    The bath milks are amazing. They smell gorgeous and when used with the organic oats they do wonders for your skin. Cleared my toddlers eczema up completely. Love, love, love!

  12. Adele

    My 1st order arrived few days ago and I’m in love with this product. I ordered the moon dust bath milk. Its smells amazing and my skin as never felt so soft and moisturised 100% recommended.. Thanks ladies amazing..

  13. Charlotte Baldwin

    The organic bath milks are absolutely sublime. It was one of the first products I ever bought in the scent of Wake in the Forrest, it smells divine and was amazing for my acne prone skin! My favourite though has to be the Alaska! The dreamy spearmint smell opens up your airways whilst giving you an amazingly relaxing bath. I would definitely recommend these products, they are my go to purchase.

  14. Cheyenne

    Love love love these bath milks! Easy to use, and love the fact you can freeze the orange slices and petals and use them again and again! Just what’s needed after a tough day working for the emergency ambulance service, especially over the past few months!

  15. LIV

    Smells amazing! I started buying my wild and wood a year ago. The bath milks have changed bathtime for the better!! ? I would definitely recommend these products, my son is prone to sensitive skin and we always add an out bag to his baths! Great natural clensing products, that help with skin flare ups ?
    Also vegan & cruelty free….Yes please!!

  16. Julie collins

    Love the bath milks, they smell gorgeous and are so good for your skin. The spa effect with rise petals and fruit slices make bathtime special. Will be ordering more supplies xx

  17. Amy Weatherill

    Hush wild one is sooo good for eczema and sensitive skin. I also love Dip in the wild and Dead Sea. Alaska is great for congestion and if you’re feeling run down. All of the above make you so relaxed and make your skin so soft!

  18. Julie collins

    After trying the bath milks last year ordering the starter pack. I recently ordered the spa day pack which included the terrain clay too. Excellent

  19. Liz cowling

    Love all products purchased from these talented ladies. I have used bath and shower milks, soaps which are amazing ?. I made the drive over from Leeds to the shop and just walking in gives a sense of calm. Every product does what it promises. The Terran clay had helped my skin which is suffering effects of the menopause! Keep up the good work you’re amazing ??

  20. Lauren Platford

    W&W is the most AMAZING place for skincare.. absolutely love these bath milks – after a long day there’s nothing I love more than jumping into a W&W bath and switching off (deffo makes it more incredible that it’s VEGAN!) wowzers! ?

  21. Natalie

    I have tried the dip in the wild and moon dust, they both smell lovely. Let’s you relax & unwind in the bath & love the flowers & orange slices to go with them.

  22. Adele wild

    In love with this stuff, moondust and dip in the wild are my favourite. Find most stuff don’t agree with me but this leaves my skin feeling soft and smells great.

  23. Robyn

    A bath just isn’t the same without these bath milks. Dead Sea is my ultimate favourite – got to have the matching soap too ? x

  24. Beth

    Smells amazing leaves you feeling so relaxed ! Would defo Recommend it trying it

  25. piya.u

    The scents are unbelievable.
    Bath milks have become essential in my life, each bath milk has different healing qualities which is incredible personal favourites are wake in the forest and alsaka.

    Wild and wood have definitely taken luxury bathing to a new level, not only the products are amazing for your skin and physical health but they are also amazing for your mental health. The bath decorations are such a beautiful touch to the bath milks and completes the experience.

    Nothing better than having a wild and wood bath!

  26. Jodie Holdsworth

    Dip in the wild bath milk The most soothing bath I have took in my life really relaxed my muscles and took me to a happy place

    My skin was so soft and no irritation was left

  27. Chantelle

    One word smells amazing.

    Left my skin so soft. I purchased the glass milk bottle with petals. A little spoon goes along way.

  28. Charlotte

    I have used this and first time I used it my skin felt amazing and I had the best night sleep after I couldn’t believe how relaxing it was and how good and soft my skin felt after def will be buying again

  29. Ami

    Hush wild one is my fave! But all the scents I’ve tried have been so relaxing and calming especially if you suffer from anxiety!

  30. Candice Honnor

    Absolutely love love love the bath milks at wild and wood! I have tried them all as I bought myself a tester box well worth it if it’s your first time trying! My all time favourites are Alaska and Hey Rosie! Such lovely uplifting scents that always help when I need a self care day!

  31. Phoebe

    My first W&W product…it got me hooked!!! SO soothing on my acne. Thanks for everything W&W x

  32. Emma Simpson

    I was bought the bath milk as a present from my friend after I mentioned I’d bought some products before and loved them. It smells amazing and is so nice to put in a hot bath and relax after a busy week ?

  33. Sarah

    Such a great idea. Love all of the scents I have tried and they really relax the body and mind. Product is high quality and doesn’t leave any residue in the bath either after use.

  34. Sophie Thornton (verified owner)

    Love these bath milks, hush wild one and the oats is the only thing that knocked my little boys eczema on the head once and for all and I always use it when he has a flare up. I ordered the taster set and love selecting the different ones depending on what I feel my body needs. Just completed another purchase as a birthday gift. Thank you for producing such amazing products and great affordable gifts.

  35. Jodie Holdsworth

    Hush in the wild bath milk very minty and saves my excessive migraines rapidly Definitely recommend for any today users are just to relieve stress and anxiety

  36. Ami Scott

    The Snow White bath milk is AMAZING !!!!! so festive! So glad I chose this one

  37. Ami Scott

    I ordered the evergreen for my bf, the scent so soooo amazing, festive but still nice for a guy 🙂

  38. Laura Salvona

    I’m a student nurse and I’ve been suffering from long covid since January after a placement on a covid ward. Headaches have been the biggest problem for me, suffering daily with unbelievable pain. My sister swears by W&W products so I had a look on the website and found ones that helped with headaches or head colds , I had nothing to lose. Had a bath with Alaska and what a difference, the pain isn’t gone completely but it’s easily gone from a 10 in pain to a 3/4 which I’ve not experienced with even medication.

  39. scarletlola (verified owner)

    Alaska is my favourite bath milk ever, it really helps when you have a cold or migraine ?

  40. Laura Round (verified owner)

    The only thing to soothe my back pain in pregnancy. Used in my first pregnancy and now my second. I can’t recommend these products enough ?

  41. Kayleigh Adams (verified owner)

    Wow! Totally blown away with how amazing hush wild one has been on my 15 month olds skin. She was suffering with eczema and I had tried everything and didn’t want to keep using steroid cream. I noticed a difference within the first 2-3 days, all the redness had gone. Couple months in and it’s completely cleared up and if she gets slightly itchy I’ll use the oats on her skin too. Her strawberry birth mark has even improved and isn’t has red and bumpy anymore! Wish I took before and after photos! So sorry I didn’t but these products are magic! I used them when I was pregnant because I got really itchy skin and the bath milks were the only products that soothed it. Amazing please don’t stop making these super products!

  42. Beth

    The best bath milks, sooo relaxing!! Every scent is amazing 🤩

  43. Sarah (verified owner)

    Hush Wild One
    If you haven’t purchased one off these bath milks already, do so now!!! You will not be disappointed
    I specifically buy hush wild one for my young daughters skin flare ups, we’ve even been prescribed cream which did absolutely nothing!!!
    Within a few days of using this her body was completely clear off dry patches.
    every time we stop using she flares up again so from now on I won’t go without this product
    Even my partner swears by it for his dry patches too!!!
    Highly recommend wild and wood, even my friends buy from them too
    Products come beautifully packaged and in good time
    Can’t wait for the next package to arrive x

  44. Charlotte Holmes (verified owner)

    Moon Dust is such a dreamy scent and Wake in the Forest is so fresh and uplifting! The bath milks makes the bath water feel so silky and leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.

  45. Edward Parkin (verified owner)

    I use every bath time. I love how they smell and make my skin feel. So does my six year old son 🙂

  46. Emily (verified owner)

    We got the tester set which contained all the scents so we could figure out which we loved most. Needless to say every member of the household loves a different scent but it sure makes our bathroom smell gorgeous permanently and the benefits to our skin and self care are amazing! Dip in the wild is my ultimate fave with Hey Rosie a very close second

  47. Elizabeth Godley (verified owner)

    Been on this fabulous Wild & Wood journey from the start and just love all the products.
    Dip in the Wild is one of the best. Gorgeous scent and whether bath or shower leaves your skin feeling fabulous, added bonus the bathroom smell fab too. Did I say fabulous!

  48. Elizabeth Godley (verified owner)

    Devine Christmas favourite. Gorgeous scent and all products are equally as fabulous as all the other scents. Leaves your skin feeling dreamy. 100 recommend!

  49. Georgia laksiouir

    Perfect for little ones and adults.
    Bath time smells amazing, great for relaxation For babies before bed.

  50. Alexandra Scott

    The Evergreen scent in this is so Christmassy The green colour of it makes it even more festive and just like all the other bath milk scents I have tried it makes my skin feel so soft and calm after a bath.

  51. nikki.gamble06 (verified owner)

    I’ve now have 3 scents (dip in the wild, moon dust and wake in forest) and I cannot decide which I prefer! My children have started sneaking a scoop and the scent is soft and subtle on their skin but it’s gentle and soothing.
    No residue is left in the bath, no clumps of product linger but my bathroom smells amazing all the time!

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